Day 4 Hopper Go not Working

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Day 4 Hopper Go not Working

Visual Engineer

None of my devices (Android tablet, Android phone, Apple iPad) recognize that there is a Hopper Go on my account. 

It worked fine on Sep 28th before the software update.

When I try to use my Hopper Go, I get an error messages "Videos Not accessible"

"This HopperGo is associated with a different Dish Account. Please sign in to the correct account to access videos on this Hopper Go"

Called on Sep 30 and after 70 minutes of getting transferred and being on hold, finally got to the department that does this. Was told by "Debra" to give it time. When I asked how long she said it should work by that afternoon. 

Called on Oct 1 and couldn't get through, was disconnected.

Called on Oct 2 and spoke to Senon. He couldn't give me any answers.

Right now I have a $99 paperweight.

Also on iPad selecting Guide causes entire Dish Anywhere app to crash

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Re: Day 4 Hopper Go not Working

DISH Employee

I hate to hear that you are having some trouble with the DISH Anywhere and the Hopper Go. If you want to send me a private message with your 4-digit PIN, I will be happy to help!