Day 22 HopperGo not working

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Day 22 HopperGo not working

Audio Engineer

3 weeks now and still not connecting to 4 of my 5 devices. DIRT members have responded a couple of times and found out this is a known issue and the engineering department is working on it. 

But! Come on! It's been 3 weeks 

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Re: Day 22 HopperGo not working

Costume Designer

What is going on with the "engineering department"?  I have had a dysfunctional DishAnywhere App on my iPad for about that long as well.  I have posted here and was instructed to download to the "beta" release of the Apple iPadOS and did not fix the problem.  Today Apple released a point release of the beta iPadOS and now it is even worse and of course you can't "downgrade" you iOS without restoring which means losing all of your saved videos.   I travel a lot and use my DishAnywhere iPad app to watch recordings I don't have time for at home.  This has really become more than an nuisance.