Day 15 HopperGo not working

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Day 15 HopperGo not working

Visual Engineer

It's been over 2 weeks since the Dish Anywhere outage. My HopperGo hasn't worked on 4 of my 5 devices since. I have received 2 private messages telling me that engineering has been told of my issue. Is there anyone out there with a HopperGo that is working???

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Re: Day 15 HopperGo not working

DISH Employee

I am sorry to hear you have been having these problems this long Redlite, but can you be  more specific?

What devices are you using?  What is their operating systems?  What is their software version?  What exactly happens when you try to use the HopperGo?  Are other online functions other than the HopperGo also not working?  What is your Dish Anywhere App version?


I understand previous employees have told you that your issue has been forwarded to engineers, but any additional detail you can provide may help narrow down what is  happening.


Re: Day 15 HopperGo not working

Visual Engineer

Hi Jason, sorry it took so long to get back to you. 

I'm running 2 Galaxy S9 Android phones, an Galaxy 9 tablet using the latest software update from Samsung and Dish Anywhere v6.6.8

An Apple iPad on IOS 13.1.2 running Dish Anywhere v.7.28.0

None of these devices recognize the HopperGo on my account. I get this message when signing in to my HopperGo wifi


 "Videos Not accessible" "This HopperGo is associated with a different Dish Account. Please sign in to the correct account to access videos on this Hopper Go" 


When on normal wifi if I go to the HopperGo page, I get


 "There is no paired HopperGo in your account. Please connect HopperGo to your Hopper with Sling for pairing."  


HOWEVER!!!!! When I use my older iPod touch using IOS 9 running DishAnywhere V.7.28.0 (same one as iPad that won't connect) I can connect to my HopperGo just fine. I can transfer to HopperGo, access it on wifi, view saved videos on HopperGo. 


All these devices are on the same account.


Before the update on Sep 29th everything worked fine.