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DVR issue


We took a trip for 6 weeks and had our service on pause while we were gone. We have the Seagate DVR from DISH attached to our Wally. We just got back and are attempting to watch programs that we had previously recorded and have attempted to record new programs. It appears to be recording but when we select any show to watch it, old or new, it says”no available episodes “. If you hit the back button, it is there but only one episode plays even if there are many. We are not getting any error codes and the dVR shows 33% full. We have the same Dish Seagate DVR on our second Wally and it is working fine. The DVR is only a few months old. We called Dish support and got nowhere. Basically was told to turn things off and on and try again. We were then told “sorry, it’s probably gone bad”. Then goodbye. Not cool. What are we supposed to do now?? The DVR wasn’t cheap.

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Re: DVR issue

Screen Writer
That’s an external hard drive. It has limited support, for reasons very similar to this.