Confused with dishanywhere

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Confused with dishanywhere


Hello, I have been using dishanywhere on my computer for a while. I had to download an app to use it, and it worked fine on Chrome and Firefox. Then Chrome stopped working. Firefox hasn't worked for a little while, either, but it continued longer than Chrome did. I finally contacted support tonight, and I was told by customer service that I never should have been able to use this service because I have a 322 receiver.

I was walked through the process of how to use it by customer support less than or about two years ago! Now I'm told it was a glitch.

Now it's my understanding that I must have a sling or hopper to use this service.

I am really confused about what is going on. Can anyone please explain this to me?

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Re: Confused with dishanywhere

Casting Director
Depends. Are you trying to watch on demand programming on DA? You require Sling to watch DVR events and live tv.