Casting to Chromecast audio from Dish anywhere app on iOS ?

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Casting to Chromecast audio from Dish anywhere app on iOS ?

I have a whole home audio system with 15 Chromecast audio. Basically, ceiling speakers in almost every room, and outside too. I often watch programs on my iPad using the Dish anywhere app.

The Dish anywhere app cannot cast audio to Chromecast audio, though. Could this feature be added ?

On my Android (Note 4) smart phone, I can get around this by casting the entire phone's audio to the Chromecast audio of my choice (or group). However, the phone screen is too small. I want to use the larger iPad display with the ceiling speakers attached to my Chromecasts audios.

I realize there will be a sync delay between video and audio, but this is still much better than using the iPad's built in speakers which are not nearly powerful enough to be heard at all unless you are in a very quiet environment. My main use is to hear the audio in the programs while cooking. Things like news show, Daily show on comedy central, etc; where the synchronization between audio and video is not an issue at all. Even if I take the iPad with me on the countertop everywhere, the iPad speaker is just not loud enough vs the powerful hood fans.
Also, moving the iPad around often causes the wireless signal to be temporarily lost, or move to another access point, and the Dish anywhere app is not very resilient to those changes, so I prefer to leave the iPad in one place. Being able to use the Chromecast audio would resolve everything .

I suppose I could use an Android tablet and cast the whole tablet audio, but that's additional $$$. Seems to me Dish could easily solve this in the iOS Dish anywhere app. Many iOS apps can already cast to Chromecast audio, for example, Tidal.
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Re: Casting to Chromecast audio from Dish anywhere app on iO

DISH Employee
I would recommend leaving feedback for our corporate offices on the [url=]Spokeslistener[/url:1f6hu74a] page. We appreciate your ideas!