Amazon Fire Tv & Dish Anywhere stopped working

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Amazon Fire Tv & Dish Anywhere stopped working


After numerous re-starts and re-sets of all my devices, all of a sudden the my dish app stopped working on both of my fire sticks.  I put in the code on and it simply gives me another code on the tv screen.  This has happened at least 30 different times between both sticks.  


I have deauthorized the devices, rebooted, restarted, factory reset, logged out, logged in, etc.  After 6 phone calls with Dish, they started a ticket but the issue is still not resolved.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled and have rebooted my router and modem.


Dish support has basically been useless.


Any ideas where to start?

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Re: Amazon Fire Tv & Dish Anywhere stopped working

DISH Employee

 can definitely understand the frustration about this situation, smith3418. This is a known issue that our Engineering Team is aware of and is working to find the cause of the issue so a fix can be created. 

The current workaround provided is to ensure that both the device and your receiver have strong internet connectivity and continue to attempt to log in. You should be able to eventually log in.