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722 Smartcard

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722 SmartCard

I am wondering if it is possible to move a 722 SmartCard from one 722 to a different 722 and back.  Currently I'm moving my home 722 to the RV when we travel and when we stay down south for the winter.  I'd rather not have to mess with moving the 722 back and forth all the time.  I'm exploring the possibility of purchasing a 2nd 722 for the RV.

Does the SmartCard hold the identity of the 722?  In other words, if I move the card from one 722 to another, will each 722 look like the same device to Dish?  In other words, If the SmartCard hold all the identity, I could just move the SmartCard between the Home 722 and the RV 722 instead of moving the 722 back and forth.

I wanted to get a Hopper for my home and leave the 722 in the RV, but Dish does not allow this. (only one recording device per account)

The Wally for the RV does not offer what I need for the RV - watching different channels and recording different channels.  By the time I would get 2 Wallys and hard drives, I would have a great deal of hardware and expense involved, trying to duplicate the functionality of the 722.

Some mentioned 2 hoppers.  One for the home and one for the RV.  I don't know the details regarding 2 recording devices on one account (this is what Dish says is the reason I can't have a Hopper and a 722 on the same account).  Secondly, I don't have COAX running to all the TVs in our RV and all TVs are located in slides, which makes it all but impossible to rewire.

Appreciate any help and advice!

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Re: 722 Smartcard

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The Smart Card will bbe specific to the receiver. They are not interchangeable for what you’re looking to do. I would recommend to do a Hopper 3, and purchase another H3 to store in the H3. The wiring may likely be able to be used.

Re: 722 Smartcard

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Hi BigAl. There may be a couple of options that would help you out but since multiple TV setups in RVs are pretty rare, let's take a look at your account to see what we're working with. Could you please send me a Private Message including the phone number and 4 digit PIN on your account so I can better assist you?