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Turn off On Demand

Character Actor
I'd like to see an option to completely turn OFF the On Demand programming. Here's an example of the problem:. If I have recorded an episode of CSI on any of the channels and I go-to watch that one episode, when it's done, a screen pops up with the usual options of Delete, Start Over, Live Tv and DVR. Below that shows EVERY episode of CSI that's available to watch on demand. I don't want that popping up at all. My internet at home is cell phone based and it's pretty slow even with unlimited data. When I do a search, I at least have the option only on that screen to turn all options off then the live and upcoming back on, then I have to expand all seasons. The On Demand is a Pain in the You Know What for me.
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Re: Turn off On Demand

Audio Engineer

@Ccdad05 Do you have the Hopper 3?  You might want to consider running Dish without the internet connected at all.  The Manual has a passage about setting up your Dish without an internet connection.  Thus, that seems to imply that you can use Dish without an internet connection.  You could consider calling Dish and asking if you can use Dish without an internet service at all.  If it's possible, ask them to walk you through changing your setup in order to use dish without Internet service.


Hopper 3 Manual (pdf)


Page 15.  STEP 9: Activate Your Hopper (No Internet Connection)

E. If your Hopper 3 is not connected to the Internet, call 1-800-333-3474 (DISH) to activate it with a DISH agent.  You will need the Receiver ID and Smart Card ID located on the Activation screen.


In reading how you watch your DVR episodes, I understand what you are saying about the two different displays... the screen where you originally start your show and then the screen you see at the end of the show.  And the two screens that almost look alike, one where you can't change the options of which methods the program is available to you and then the screen where you can't change the options.


When I am at the end of watching a Dish show, I do one of two things:

If there is another episode available, before the recording actually ends, I click "Select" and then I choose "Play Next Episode."


If I want to choose a different program, I click on the "Guide" button on my remote and then hit Select (whatever channel comes up) so I go into Live TV mode.  Then from Live TV mode, I select my next viewing option.


In general, I think of Dish as a service that is somewhat "buggy" overall.  A lot of times, I try to find work arounds when Dish isn't doing the most efficient (fastest) thing.  At the end of a show, the fastest way I've figured out to get to whatever I want to watch next is to go GUIDE>SELECT to go right into live tv.  That takes you out of using the "DVR" (sort of fulling exiting an application instead of minimizing a window).  Then when I start something else on DVR or On Demand, the search process is better and faster and I don't get a paused delay..... or a lag/delay that eventually doesn't seem to do anything and eventually goes into Live TV.  I'm not sure if that will make sense or not (it's easy in person to demonstrate multiple methods and see the hang-ups and how one is faster than the other overall).


And, if you don't have the Hopper 3, I have no idea what any of your screens and menus are and how they work.


If you have a Joey, through the Hopper, you can disable "Bridging" through the Hopper.  Bridging is supposed to be enabled through the Hopper to share the internet connection with the Joeys.



Re: Turn off On Demand

Audio Engineer

If you can hit SELECT before your recording ends, you don't have to deal with that extra menu.

I have so many other issues with Dish right now.  Dish convinced us to increase our internet package.


That sounds like a good setting to me.  Having more capability to turn off certain services or functions that you don't use, don't want, or don't want to see.

Re: Turn off On Demand

There IS away when you go to the screen to RECORD and it shows ALL the episode's, hit the OPTION'S button, and it should bring up a a pop up window and a box that satly's ALL AVAILABLE filter. Click on what you want to show...