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On Demand Layout Suggestions


On Demand is one of my favorite Dish features however I find the UI to be incredibly cumbersome.  If I want to binge watch a season, I have to download each episode individually. It would be better if I could select all. The display is terrible. There are too many categories which means too many clicks and too much loading time. The iPad app has a much better interface as I can immediately select Networks. It would be great if initial load had only 11 icons, for each of the sections so I can get to browse by channel without having to wait for the previous 5 categories to load. Or, make it so I can sort the order of those 11 categories, or with the browse by channel section, whereby I see 6 icons unless I select see more, make it so I can choose which 6 channel icons load, or have it update to most recently visited so I don’t have to see all to go back repeatedly to the same channel.  Finally, it would be most fantastic if I have downloaded an episode and I want to switch to the app, that I could pick up where I left off. 

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Re: On Demand Layout Suggestions

Screen Writer
The on demand on the receiver, and the on demand on the website/app are two completely different selections. There wouldn’t be a way to continue where left off, the way Netflix does, as the files are two completely different files and even types of files.