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Hopper Suggestions


I have some suggestions for Hopper improvements. Make no mistake, I am loving my Hopper 3, but do come across things that would make it even better.


1. A setting to allow choosing of the opening page. I always go immediately to my DVR and only occasionally use the Homepage, it would be nice to have a setting to make the DVR the default.

2. It would be great to be able to access Amazon Prime Video as easily as Netflix. A menu item maybe?

3. When setting up a timer, I would love to be able to specify a folder to record to. I would never have to see my daughter's junk in my programs. :-)

4. I would love to be able to export my timers to my USB disk. When I upgraded from Hopper 2 to 3, I did back up all my times but lost them anyway. The ability to export them then import to a new DVR would awesome.


I hope some of these ideas prove useful.

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Re: Hopper Suggestions

Associate Producer
1) use the DVR button, instead of the menu button
2) Dish currently does not have a contract with Amazon to offer the app. I have heard rumors to it being added, but nothing of fruition.
3) when setting the timer up, you’re given the option to edit it. That’s where you’ll be able to set the folder it goes to.
4) if you backed the timers to your remote, they should automatically transfer when you link the same remote to the new Hopper. Trust me, this is by far better than it had been in the past, where you had to recreate every timer from scratch.

Re: Hopper Suggestions

Audio Engineer

I don't know about the other suggestions but for #3 you can specify a folder to record to.  The way I do it is I select a program in the Guide and tell it to record.  A little red dot tells me that it is set to record.  If I select it again it brings up a list of options, one of which is to edit the timer.  At the bottom of the edit list is an option to select a folder for the recording.