Hopper 3 need an Refresh & couple changes!

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Hopper 3 need an Refresh & couple changes!

It's been 2 years since Dish has release a Whole NEW Hopper 3 with entire completely NEW UI. But now Dish its time to upgrade the UI. Dish needs to refresh the UI. By updating the background to complete blacks, fix in some area of color correction, new styles of animations and transitions, upscale the UI elements and icons to full 4k support, update old icons to little bit new, needs to fix the UI in Manage My Account, etc... 


Main thing to Dish engineer is that Dish needs to smooth out the OS because OS has lots of lags and stutters. Dish needs to make it buttery smooth like 60fps. 



Dish feels like little sluggish with no UI smooth elements animations and looks little old style when compare to it competition.


Dish needs to enable true 4k on Hopper 3. Cause when hopper connected to 4k TV, the hopper only outputting 1080p & 4k. Another thing, Dish at least add upscaling technology into Hopper 3 to take advantage of 4k hardware. 


Dish needs to support all the apps that are available on Hopper 3 and make them all available on Joey lineup. 


Dish needs to enable Picture in Picture on Joey 4k and other Joeys. 


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Re: Hopper 3 need an Refresh & couple changes!

DISH Employee

This is some great feedback! The best place to leave feedback is in the Other > Suggestions section. Keep the ideas coming!