Hopper 3 Remote 54.0

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Hopper 3 Remote 54.0


Dish:  Please send a filmware update so if you hold the pause button for 3 seconds it is your stop button! You shot yourself in your foot on this one. The users guide is worthless! Sucks to have to figure everything out yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of an older person that doesn't even have a computer or knows how to use one!

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Re: Hopper 3 Remote 54.0

Camera Crew

I couldn't agree more. The Hopper is a step back from their other receivers. Yeah, it has some great features, but don't remove features that people are used to. Who would have ever thought that a stop button was no longer needed. I can just imagine the meeting where someone said "Let's remove the ability to stop a playback, and while we are at it let's remove the search nutton."