Hopper 3 Failed to record

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Hopper 3 Failed to record


On 9/5/18 my Hopper 3 failed to record the Bears Vs Packers.  It was a 1 time recording (not a series timer) and the schedule list showed the event just as it was supposed to be recorded.  It just didn't do it.

I had 1 other event scheduled to record at the same time (US Open Tennis) which is did recored.  I believe it should be able to do up to 16 events at once?  Maybe you need the "Joey's" to get to 16, but 2 is well within the range of concurrent recordings.

This is extremely frusterating, as now I cannot trust my equipment to do what it is supposed to do.  Being able to DVR games is literlly the only reason I pay for the entire Dish package.

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Re: Hopper 3 Failed to record

Screen Writer
When you go to your schedule and scroll up to that recording, it will show its completion and reason(ie stopped by user) What is it saying for that one?