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Home screen Sports tab teams list

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So, got my hopper about 3 months ago, pretty much like it. However, one feature that I think could be very useful has turned out to be a dud because there seems to be no way to customize it. Off of the home screen sports tab, there is a list there called 'Teams'. Programmed into my hopper is six different sports team icons to help access programming for that team. Since I live in southern Arizona, 5 of the 6 teams are Arizona-centric, i.e. Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks, University of Arizona Sports, etc. However, one of the icons is the University of Arkansas Sports. No interest there, no offense. However, I have searched and researched, and chatting with DISH support, have not found a way to fix this, customize to my preferences. What happens if I want icons for the Boston Red Socks, Miami Dolphins, or even Manchester United soccer? If any one knows how to customize this, I am all ears. If not, how can we get this changed? Thanks!

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just dumped direct and got dish------direct is much better -they let you edit your sports list and realize there are more than 7 sports--like nascar-i know of 1 or 2 people that watch nascar