External hard drive for the Hopper

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External hard drive for the Hopper


Needing to add another external hard drive for my Hopper.   I know it has to be an external drive with a power supply and that it cannot be larger then 2 TB.   THe problem is that it has become extremely difficult to buy a 2TB Hard Drive - now it seems the smallest you can get is 4TB and up!    If you look hard you can buy a 2TB Drive at a higher price from smaller known hard drive manufacturers - where a 4TB Drive can be found for $99!   Why cant support be added to the software to support larger drives - does not seem like it would be that Difficult!!!!    Hoping someone from Dish Hopper SOftware Support will respond.     (and I know they sell a 2TB Drive on Dish - for $149.00 - but why would I want to pay $149 for a 2 TB Drive when I can get a 4TB drive for $99!!!!!).


Please help DISH!!!!!


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Re: External hard drive for the Hopper

Camera Crew

Best Buy has hard drive docks for less than $40 and New Egg has Seagate and WD internal drives for $60.


Buy a dock and pop a 2TB internal drive in it for $100, add a second drive when that one gets full for only another $60.


Much more flexible and cheaper, too.