Dish & Alexa interface leaves much to be desired.

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Dish & Alexa interface leaves much to be desired.

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Just got an Echo Dot and got it to work with one of my Hoppers. The number of commands available is terrible! Disappointed that Dish and/or Amazon Echo devices will not control two Hoppers. When I got Dish a few years ago, I wanted two Hoppers. They told me I could only have one Hopper per TV. I told them I had two TV’s and the installer didn’t care that I wanted two Hoppers on one TV. Since I’m “breaking the law”, I don’t expect Dish/Amazon to change the interface to allow one Echo device to control two Hoppers.


I believe it would be possible to have one Echo device control two Hoppers. Getting Amazon and/or Dish to change it is another matter. Don’t think I’m the only customer with an Echo device that has two Hoppers and one TV.


Keep wondering if Dish and/or Amazon will be adding more commands in the near future. With the extremely limited number of commands available for Echo & Hopper devices, it seems like customers are doing the beta testing. It’s obvious that Dish isn’t listening to customers suggestions or there would be more commands available.


Would like the capability of viewing the program guide and page up or page down, viewing the DVR screen, be able to schedule a channel change at a specific time, etc.


Dish recently announced it would be working with Google to get their assistants (Home, Mini, etc.) to control a Hopper. Glad to hear this announcement because I have a Google Home & Mini. I can only hope there will be more commands available than the limited number available to Echo users.


On the other hand, is this bad news for Echo owners? Wonder if Dish & Amazon will continue to improve their interface and add more commands or will they stop work on Alexa and concentrate on Google’s assistants. Time will tell.


At the time of this post, the Dish Skill on Amazon has 302 reviews and an illustrious rating of 2.3 out of 5 stars. 48% rated it as only one star. Wondering which company is to blame more for the poor interface – Amazon or Dish.