Additional video apps needed

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Additional video apps needed

Character Actor

 In addition to netflix, us hopper'ers really should have other streaming app options. When the local cable company offers more apps on their Tivo outdoing the feature list of the Hopper 3 we have a problem. My previous provider offered hulu and plex media player in addition to netflix and others. Please add these apps to the Hopper to help us owners save the hassle of switching inputs, devices, and remotes. It is amazing what built-in apps like the Netflix one provide us. Hulu, Plex Media Player, and Amazon Video would be widely beneficial additions. Keep up the great work dev and support teams!


Thank you!

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Re: Additional video apps needed

Audio Engineer

Another vote for adding both Hulu and Amazon to Dish Apps.  Netflix is amazing on Dish Apps.


Re: Additional video apps needed


Another vote for both Amazon Prime & Hulu... they are readily available on so many other devices, please work out the contractual details.

Re: Additional video apps needed

Character Actor

I agree. The Media Player app is pretty much unusable. I hope the people involved in this being an option at all, are not laughing so much they strain anything. There are many options to easily resolve this.