2 wishes for next gen time shifting

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2 wishes for next gen time shifting

Camera Crew

1. RECORDED Sunday Primetime shows are just like LIVE, all pushed back and sometimes cut off by run-on sports events. I mostly try to watch these shows after, on Mondays. I know LIVE is unavoidable but RECORDED ought to be fixable, with a time machine.

2. Similar, all local Network affiliate stations run CLOSINGS announcements during storms, over and over, taking up the bottom quarter of the screen. Since I don't watch my recordings until the next day or later, it's frustrating to have to see this irrelevant info. Again, this should be fixable with a time machine.

I know this time machine stuff seems absurd, impossible, but if you'd told someone in say 1970 they could watch 5 day old shows as if live they wouldn't believe it.

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Re: 2 wishes for next gen time shifting

Casting Director

With prime time anytime, you can rewind and fast forward beyond the channel blocks, if still within the show save period(default 8 days).

What you're seeing on the bottom of the screen is the actual feed from the channel owner, and would need to be discussed with them about removing that. That is just the physical feed, and Dish, nor any provider, can edit that, as it is copyrighted material.