Wireless Joey's Disconnecting from Hopper

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Wireless Joey's Disconnecting from Hopper

I have a Hopper 3, a wired Joey (via MOCA) and 2 wireless Joey's. Intermittently, the wireless Joey's disconnect from the Hopper. The wired Joey never looses its connection to the Hopper.

I initially thought it was a bad Joey Wireless Access Point (WAP), so I purchased a new WAP. It still happens with the new WAP. Sometime, the wireless Joey's come back online themselves, sometimes I have to reboot the WAP and reconnect the wireless Joey's.

When the wireless Joey's go offline, and I check the diagnostics screen for the wireless Joey, it says "Link Status: Unlinked" but it also says "Link Quality: Strong". The Signal Strength on the Joey's is usually around 74.

I've moved the Joey WAP away from my home router and all other electronics. I have also run some wifi frequency analyzers and the Joey WAP is on a channel by itself. No other wireless devices overlap the Joey WAP's channel.

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this issue?

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Re: Wireless Joey's Disconnecting from Hopper

DISH Employee

@MargaretUtils Sorry to hear this is happening Margaret.  If you would like to send me a private message with the phone number associated on your account I would be happy to review your account and see if anything jumps out as a possible issue.


If you have never sent a PM on this site before here is a step by step guide on how to complete the process: