Wireless Joey keeps resetting

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Wireless Joey keeps resetting

Character Actor
I’ve had service since June with one hopper and one wireless Joey. Never had an issue with the Joey before tonight. It seems to keep randomly resetting all of a sudden - we’ve never touched either. Bedroom tv was not working, I unplugged the Joey for 10 seconds and plugged it back in. Then unplugged the router (?) in the living room that makes it work (tech put it on top of the big hopper) for 10 seconds and plugged back in. It keeps resetting: first the red WiFi light turns off the the green power button flashes. Works for a few minutes then does it again. I’ve seen this as an older issue with no real resolution on here, but hadn’t seen a real recent post. Help?
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Re: Wireless Joey keeps resetting

Costume Designer

Hi Kayfray,  First of all you might want to check your Plug to the wall or try another one, I have a friend that has a poor old wired house and has continually had issues with his,  I asked him to change the Plug to one that had a better connection to the Power Box in his house,   after that he has had no issues I am pretty sure the wireless Joey works off your Hopper 3 not your Router, the router only provides internet Service for your Voice Control and Weather app and NetFlix,  There is a antenna on the back of your Hopper 3 make sure there's nothing in the way of that,  that could also be part of the Signal loss,  Sometimes when new Devices are entered into a home that can also interfer with your signal.  


Check those things as I am almost sure that it's a poor signal to your Joey 3 from your hopper 3 also check the anntena to make sure it is tight into the hopper 3 not sure it your joey 3 has an antenna or not I dont think it does but the hoppers antenna will cause loss of your signal to everything and I am pretty sure that may be your issue... 


 Good Luck hopefully it's something simple like that... Smiley Happy