Wireless Joey AKA P.O.S. drops off Daily

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Wireless Joey AKA P.O.S. drops off Daily


Ive been reading everyones complaints about the Wireless joeys and i have the exact same issues with them.

Phone Reps are useless since its a hardware issue, basically un-plug, plug back in wait, rinse repeat every F-ing Day!!!

I hope Dish fixes this ASAP if not I am off to Direct TV, Charter.....

Hey DISH if your listening this is completely unacceptable you have no problem taking my $ every month so how about supplying the product i am paying for.

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Re: Wireless Joey AKA P.O.S. drops off Daily

DISH Employee

Hey Kjspaz! We know how frustrating it has been to have issues with your Wireless Joey. We'd be happy to review your account and see how we can assist you. Can you please send us a private message with your account information so we can see what steps you have already taken? Here are -step-by-step instructions on how to send a PM https://communities.dish.com/t5/Communities-101/How-To-Send-a-Private-Message/td-p/15039