VIP 612 DVR Video on Demand

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VIP 612 DVR Video on Demand


Recently connected my VIP 612 DVR to broadband to watch VOD.  The connection is hard wire ethernet.  The first movie I rented, "The Mule", has "jerky motion" and "locks up" after several minutes, both signs of a slow connection.  My connection speed is 35Mbps and works perfectly with Netflix 4k.  Other streaming services native to the LG TV are also OK.


Is this an issue with the VIP 612?

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Re: VIP 612 DVR Video on Demand

DISH Employee

Sorry to hear you are having this issue bbrautigam!

The best place to start would definitely be by looking at the connection on the 612 itself.  While your speeds might be 35mbps on one device doesn't neccessarily mean all devices  have the  same connection.

If you can send me a PM with the phone number linked to your Dish Network account, I will be happy to take a look!

If you have never sent a PM on this site before, here is a guide that walks you through the process: