Timer Creation Failed 1281 / Attention 041

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Timer Creation Failed 1281 / Attention 041

Audio Engineer

Error Messages:

Timer Creation Failed 1281
Timer creation failed, Please try back later.
Attention 041
The maximum number of event timers has been reached.  
No more can be created at this time without deleting one previously created.


Dish Hardware: Hopper 3


Problem: When I try to record (DVR) a new program, I frequently am unable create a new timer.


Temporary Resolution: Delete multiple existing timers until it allows me to save a new timer.


When does issue occur: It is unpredictable when I will try to record a new program (create a timer) and I get the error message.  It has happened when I have had anywhere from 103 timers to 156 timers.


Issue Status: Open issue.  A Dish ticket is in the queue with development.


Dish Technical Service Response: I have been told that the Hopper 3 has a maximum of 200 timers.  However, I get the max timer error messages when I am well below having 200 timers.  I've been told that this is a known issue and a ticket has been opened with the Dish development team to look into a fix.


My thoughts on areas the developers might examine to fix the error:

  • I run into the problem of not being able to create timers while having far fewer than 200 timers.
  • Since the number of timers is very inconsistent with regard to when I get the error message, I don't think the current number of timers is triggering the error.
  • If the number of timers is not triggering the error, then there might be a cap or threshold for something else that is timer related.
  • When a timer creation fails, most often, deleting one timer will still not allow me to create a new timer.  Deleting several existing timers will allow me to create a new timer.
  • DVR > Schedule: This lists one week of currently scheuled programs, timer conflicts (which use the priority to determine which shows are recorded) and skipped recordings which are a partial match to a timer.
  • Now that the Hopper 3 can simultaneous record 16 channels at once, timer conflicts are a thing of the past.  After switching from the Local Channel Package to an OTA antennae, I have learned that only 2 OTA channels can be in use at one time (either two recordings, one recording and one live TV, or two live TVs).
  • I think there might be an unknown/undisclosed threshold for the number of scheduled recordings.  This threshold could be the number of scheduled programs, or the number of scheduled and skipped programs.
  • Under the DVR > Schedule page, you don't have a nice numbered list the way you do with timer priorities.  To calculate the number of scheduled recordings, hit options and select to only display the scheduled recordings.  Seven days of recordings are listed.  When you page down, the last scheduled recording on one page will be the first scheduled recording on the next page.  Thus, there are effectively 9 scheduled recordings listed on each page.  When you count the number of pages and multiply times 9, then subtract 7 (which accounts for the lines occupied by dates rather than scheduled recordings).
  • After you have a count of the number of scheduled recordings, change the options to only display skipped recordings.  Follow the same methodology to count the number of skipped recordings.
  • Thus, on a given Hopper, you have a fairly accurate count of the number of currently scheduled recordings and the number of skipped recordings (and the sum of scheduled and skipped recordings).
  • I am getting the error now, where I cannot record an additional one hour show.
  • I have 157 pages of skipped recordings (157*9)-7 = 1406.  I have 17 pages of scheduled recordings (17*9)-7 = 153.
  • Under the DVR > Schedule tab, I have a total of 1,552 scheduled and skipped recordings listed.
  • I currently have 110 timers.  I deleted one timer (which was related to a lot of scheduled and skipped recordings) and then I was able to add a timer for one 1-hour show.
  • Date: August 18, 2019
  • Software Version: U539  8/17/2019, 4:37PM (AZ MST); Boot Strap Version: 1112; Application Software: AN386
  • Equipment: One Hopper 3 (54.1 remote); no additional hard drive, Three Joeys (54.0 remotes), 1 OTA outdoor antennae (installed by Dish)

If you are getting this error message, I invite you to post the number of scheduled and skipped recordings that are listed under DVR > Schedule.


I hope my message gets pushed to the Dish developers to offer additional details to replicate and troubleshoot the max timer issue.  If they contact me, I can guide them in how to replicate the max timer issues, with the number of timers under 200.


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2 Replies

Re: Timer Creation Failed 1281 / Attention 041

DISH Employee

Hello AZ. Thank you for all of this information on the issue that you are having issues with the timers. This is definitely something that we want to look further into. There are a few steps that we may need to go through together to see if we can find more information about this error or what we may need to do to get this resolved. So we can access review this together, can you please send us a Private Message? https://communities.dish.com/t5/Communities-101/How-To-Send-a-Private-Message/td-p/15039

Re: Timer Creation Failed 1281 / Attention 041

Audio Engineer

@JasmineD   Thanks for the offer Jasmine.  I've already contact support several times and I've had a tech out to replace the receiver.  They have a ticket opened for this issue.  Can you replicate the issue?  After you replicate the issue, then you can let me know what your solution is (meanwhile, I am simply forced to delete timers in order to add additional timers.