Signal loss ruining games, etc.

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Signal loss ruining games, etc.

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Have had an ongoing problem with signal loss. A few Laker games have been ruined, where all of a sudden the game is over because of signal loss. Happens a fair amount to the point where I'm beginning to think I should cancel. Good many down the toilet.


Right now, there is no signal at all again, and I'm doing a reset. The weather is perfect.


Is this how it is for everyone?



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Re: Signal loss ruining games, etc.


Skeptical that signal loss is to fraudulently promote a Hopper upgrade:

After no recent problems, it seemed an odd coincidence that, 30 minutes into a major NFL playoff game, my satellite signal goes down. (I have guests, food, the works, to watch the game; use your imagination). On phone with DISH technician who says codes indicate 'physical cable problem' and suggests sending a $95 service call. After I confirm all cable/connections are sound, he then says there may be a 'long shot' attempt with re-accessing satellite signal and guess what, it worked. I see another customer on this string that had the same incident at the same time for the same game. Note that during this process, I was told that, "by the way, you qualify for a Hopper upgrade--which would improve reliability for the future." DISH, surely you wouldn't fraudulently cause a temporary problem during a major national TV event to promote a product....? This stinks to high heaven.

Re: Signal loss ruining games, etc.

DISH Employee

TwoLews, we are happy to check into this further with you to check what is causing the signal loss messages when there are no storms in the area. Please send us a private message with your phone number and 4-digit pin: