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Remote programming


I believe I have a Hopper 3 with voice program search. My remote has four function buttons on the side.


I have gone into Settings/Remote and programmed my TV and surround receiver to operate from the function buttons.


I want my Hopper, TV and receiver to go on/off with one push of the power button, but can't make it happen.


I know the Hopper goes into 5 min standby and the green light stays on till then.


No luck with search.


thanks in advance.

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Re: Remote programming

Screen Writer
For the voice search to work, the receiver has to be connected to a high speed internet connection.

You’ll want to make sure HDMI-CEC is turned on, and check the tv and avr settings. You may have to turn on or off on those as well, and it may be labeled something else such as ARC. I have all 3 of my programmed that way, and actually have since the 612 and 722 I had connected to it, predating HDMICEC.