Remote not working only on DVR start-up

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Remote not working only on DVR start-up


I am having a strange problem that phone technical support has not been able to correct after four calls so far.


When my DVR has been off for several hours, the remote can be used to turn on the DVR but then no remote functions for the DVR will work for approximaely 4-5 minutes (TV functions work fine during that time).  After 4-5 minutes, the remote works fine.  If I turn the DVR off for a short period of time and turn it back on, the remote works fine.  It only seems to not work if the DVR has been off for more than a couple of hours (such as overnight).


DVR is VIP722k and remote is 21.1.  Remote is #1 and set on IR model.  Here is a brief history:


1. I had an old remote that started to fail.  It seemed like a button/circuit board failure as pressing one button would do something else (e.g. pressing pause would cause skip-ahead).

2. DISH provided a replacement remote which, after two phone calls, I was able to sync to the DVR on remote #2.

3. I immediately started experiencing the symptoms described above -- the remote works fine except for the first 5 minutes or so after turning on the DVR (with the remote) when the DVR has been off for more than a few hours.  (Yes, I have changed batteries, reset the DVR, etc., and it is so frustrating to have to go through all of that again everytime I call.)

4. On my most recent call, it was suggested that I sync the DVR on remote #1 which I did.  Again, the remote worked fine until the DVR was off overnight, at which time the remote did not work at all (other than turning on the DVR) for about 5 minutes, then started working fine.


It is possible this is a DVR problem?  Another new remote needed?  I am hoping someone has a solution!

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Re: Remote not working only on DVR start-up

DISH Employee

This is an interesting issue ADCST, I would like a little more information before I actually suggest anything though.

It sounds like you had a replacement remote, and originally you had the 2 side of the remote chip facing up when you programmed it to your 722.  Is that correct?

If so, is your 722 in the same room as where you use this remote, or is it in a different room?  Do you have more than one tv connected to your 722, and if so, do both tv's have this issue?