Possible Fox Sports Local Resolution

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Possible Fox Sports Local Resolution

Audio Engineer

I spoke to Dish yesterday as I was going to cancel the service. Spoke to a really nice man who also expressed his frustration about not getting to see his Colorado teams. He indicated he's pretty sure a deal will be reached prior to the start of the baseball regular season. He tried to tell me Directv had no Fox Midwest either which is not factual as I have see recent Directv sportscast on Fox Midwest. This is what makes me skeptical they are telling the truth about the return. Hopeful but skeptical. I have given them to first pitch of the regular season. If no resolution I cancel. I'll pay the $20 per month fee. Seriously, by that time I'll accept the fact FSMW won't be back. 

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Re: Possible Fox Sports Local Resolution

Audio Engineer
I wouldn’t put too much into what was said. I was told the same thing around a month ago. No fox sports yet.

Re: Possible Fox Sports Local Resolution

Character Actor

I was paying $13/month for multi-sport pack. I logged on to Dish website to cancel it now that NFL red zone is done for the year and their system offered multi-sport for half price for 6 months so I did that. If they don't have Fox regional channels back by then I'll be forced to drop Dish for something else.

Re: Possible Fox Sports Local Resolution


Don't count on FSMW ever returning to Dish.  Co-founder Charlie Ergen indicated in an interview last August that the local Fox sports channels will probably not be back.


Cardinals remain off Dish Network and Sling. Could it be permanent?


I signed up for the AT&T TV free trial shortly after that.  They do have FSMW.  However, they do not carry one other channel (MeTV) that my wife and I watch far more often than FSMW.  Thus, it's back to Dish...for now.  If AT&T TV ever gets MeTV or if Spectrum would join the 21st Century and replace their IR remotes with RF I'll be dropping Dish like a hot potato, after having been with them for over 20 years.


Edit: I just read this in another thread.  Dish has a list of 2020 price increases and someone pointed out that there's a possible surcharge for regional sports.  Thus, FSMW might return.


Dish's 2020 Price Changes