On demand freezes after opening commercial

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On demand freezes after opening commercial

I’ve tried watching seceral history channel on demand series and continue to run into a problem where the episode loads and begins by playing a generic advertisement before the programming begins and at the end of the advertisement it freezes and the show never loads. Highly frustrating. I’ve tried unplugging both the Joey and the hopper and letting them sit unplugged before powering everything back up and nothing works. Has anyone else ran into this issue?
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Re: On demand freezes after opening commercial

DISH Employee

Sorry to hear about this Kschaeller, but I would be happy to try to look into this further.  If you could send me a private message on this forum with details of what History channel shows you were attempting to watch (Show title, season number, and espisode) I can dig deeper also.  If you could also include the phone number associated with your account I can try to check your equipment to make sure nothing unusual is occuring there as well.


Here is a great walk through on how to send a PM if you have not done so before: