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My DVR on my Walley has a USB drive that works well then after about a month of recording it quits finding the files associated to the files list..   I get the avitars of the recordings and select it and even with a new recording it shows "No Episodes Available".   

My only resolution is to reformat the USB drive and erase everything and start the issue and sequence all over.  

A clue is it also starts with showing it doesnt know file size or time length of recording. 

I think it looses "permissions" in the headers of the files data but still maintains the pointer list to the files. 

An upgrade to the file DVDR handling software may be in order. 


Thanks for reading. 


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Re: No Episodes available

DISH Employee

Hmm, that's really interesting DanH! I want to gather a bit more information about it so I can let our Engineers know what's going on. 


Have there been any programming changes that would have removed the permissions to those certain shows? Do you have another external hard drive to try using that alternatively to see if it also has the issue?

Re: No Episodes available

Don't format just yet. I had this happen to me and all of the sudden all came back over night. Then it happened again, but this time after waiting 3 days I still had the same problem. I was messing around and found that if you push the 10 second back button you can view what you recorded.

Re: No Episodes available

Thanks I was restarting my wally to view recordings. I think it was only giving the "no episodes available" with some over the air recordings. Your "back button" solution has saved me time. I no longer have to wait for the reciever to restart to view a recording when this happens. Thank you