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Audio Engineer

How do you go to the first unread post in this new forum software?


Most forum software has an icon to click to go into a thread and it starts you at the first unread post.  Better software uses your cookie so you can click on the thread title and it knows which posts in the thread that you haven't read.  I cannot find that.  All I can do is click on the thread title which takes me to the first post in the thread.  So I have to wade through the minutiae to find the first post I haven't read.   


It is a really a PITA if it is a multi-page thread.


Any help, or is the software *sigh* not capable of that task?

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Re: New posts in thread

DISH Employee

This is a really good suggestion, and we thank you for the feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve on our DISH Community! At this time, we do not have the feature available. The closest feature that we do have is to sort newest to oldest on the posts. But I will make sure to forward your suggestion. Thanks!