Loss of Fox Sports channels

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Loss of Fox Sports channels


  I've been with Dish for over 14 years, and this FoxSports dispute has simply gone on too long.  My local sports teams are the single most important reason to pay for television service, and I have been without it for over two months, while my favorite MLB team was enjoying a historic season, no less.  Now they are entering the post-season, and FoxSports1 is gone.

  The bottom line is that FoxSports produces programming, while Dish is simply a delivery agent.  If the delivery people won't deliver the product I want, and someone else will, then there is no reason to stay with them.  In the end, FoxSports will win, because they have what I want - coverage of my teams.  I am not loyal to Dish, nor FoxSports, but I am loyal to my teams.  Whoever can provide me with coverage of my teams will get my business.


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Re: Loss of Fox Sports channels

Fox Sports and local channel Fox 46 is why I purchase Dish.  We've been a dish customer forever, I'm guessing between 15 and 20 years.  There is no longer reason to stay with Dish.  If this dispute doesn't get resolved by this weekend so we can watch footbal (big college and pro fans), we will find another provider.  I also want a refund for the current loss of no Fox Sports or Fox channel. 


I understand Fox may be overcharging.  I also understand that Dish may be trying to play hardball.  But by now, there should be a meeting of the minds and someone may have to give in.  Make it happen or you're going to lose millions of subscribers.


Re: Loss of Fox Sports channels

DISH Employee

Good morning, petechristian. We are currently experiencing a dispute with FOX Regional Sports Networks. FOX Regional Sports Networks are asking for an unreasonable price increase, by asking subscribers to pay for channels that they may not receive. DISH has made every attempt to extend the contract in an effort to quickly negotiate a fair, long-term deal for our customers, not one that puts customers in the middle again.


We will do everything we can to reach a fair agreement as quickly as we can. If you want to keep up with all negotiation information, as well as provide feedback to your regional Fox Sports Network, and our DISH channel advocates, you can visit http://DISHpromise.com.