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I will have to get HBO before Game of Thrones or check into other providers. Dish customers all over social media sites are saying the same thing. Why can this not be resolved? This is not the first time we’ve lost channels because Dish could not come to an agreement.
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Re: HBO???????


There are many threads about this already.  AT&T has an unrealistic demand that DISH will guarantee them a certain minimum number of subscribers if they want to provide HBO again to their customers.  I have read that 20% or less of DISH customers subscribed to HBO and that isn't enough for AT&T.  Thus, the monthly bill for the rest of us would go up, just to subsidize those 20%. DISH has thankfully refused to do this.


On the other hand (she had a wart), if you have an AT&T mobile account and an unlimited data plan you can currently get HBO Go for free via that.  Go to the HBO Go website and use your AT&T login information to access it.