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Audio Engineer

The program guide now says to use the HBO NOW app and to look at Dish.Com/HBO for info.


This site says HBO has removed their channels from Dish.

To get HBO, including the final season of Game of Thrones, download the HBO Now app.


And then instructions are given. This is a pay service. Does this mean that we should no longer expect HBO/CINEMAX to return to Dish?  If I need to start using other services then I am not certain why I should remain with Dish. Plus, I want to see this on my 65" TV and not an iPad. My TV is an older model Smart TV and I can't download HBO NOW app and I don't want to purchase another device such as APPLE TV etc so it looks like I am out of luck. The only reason I haven't switched to Verizon FIOS is all of the recordings I have now on my Hopper DVR and my external drive which I won't be able to import into another providers equipment. Looks like I may have to lose these recordings which I am not happy about.

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Re: HBO Now App

Casting Director

HBO & Dish are still working on their agreement, it will happen when it happens, nothing we can do about it. 


HBO NOW is a stand-alone streaming service, it has nothing to do with Dish.  If you have internet your option is to pay (the same price as Dish charged) for HBONow & stream it to your tv with a Roku, Apple TV or Amazon device, or watch it on a laptop/computer.