Error code 004 and customer service with Dish

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Error code 004 and customer service with Dish

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I have been a loyal customer for 16 years.  I have recently upgraded to the hopper and two joeys.  I did this because I got a new TV and wanted to really enjoy the new system.  Since I have upgraded I now get an error code 004.  I can move the channel up and down and most of the time return to programming.  Recently my system will just go black and takes hours to come back.  I called yesterday morning (5/17) and the service tech was great (I was remote - my office at work).  She tried her best and told me to call if the error code came back.  It came back today (18th)!  So I called... WOW what a difference in service support.  Now I have to pay a service tech $95 to come fix this issue or purchase insurance!?!?  Seriously... yes, they were going to give me three months free service to cover this cost, but seriously!  Just FIX the problem.  I am seriously considering ditching this.  I cant believe I get this kind of cutomer support after 16 years.  Time to move along I think.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Or am I behaving poorly??? Like asking for their issue to be resolved?  FYI... Havent changed a thing in my set-up; no work on my roof, nothing near my dish, havent moved my hopper or joeys etc...  If I am being unreasonable, then please let me know... would love to hear if anyone else expriences this issue

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Re: Error code 004 and customer service with Dish

DISH Employee

Hello, mhope814. We appreciate the time you have allowed us to be a part of your home for the past 16 years! I completely understand that having any technical issue is very frustrating and our goal is to provide you with the best service. The DISH Protect Plan is offered to help cover the cost of having a tech go out in case we are unable to fix it  when troubleshooting. We would hate to see you leave the DISH family. I want to personally ensure you are all taken care of. Feel free to send me a private message ( to look over your account further.