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Dish raising prices

Audio Engineer
Just seen this page about upcoming price increases.
Still have no regionals and other channel disputes
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Re: Dish raising prices

Audio Engineer

I'm seeing a regional sports fee being applied. Looks like the may have reached an agreement. Fingers crossed. 

Re: Dish raising prices

DISH Employee

With the Regional Sports Surcharge Fee, it will be applied with the eligible programming. You use this link to enter in your zip code to see if there will be a surcharge in your area:


We, at DISH, believe in fighting to keep costs low, but just like other TV-providers, we have had to accept significant price increases from the Channel Owners to continue providing you with the best content available. 


We know that these channel negotiations are a tough time for our customers, and we will continue to work hard to reach a beneficial long-term agreement to bring everything back.

Re: Dish raising prices


"We, at DISH, believe in fighting to keep costs low..."


Dear CarinaG,


I've been a customer for about 14 years, paying your prices.  Recently, I've had a much lower offer from DirectTV, and also read about their loyalty offers.  Many commented about reductions to their bills after being a customer for as little as 2 years, more offers 7+ years.  One example: $24.99/mon./12 months for the Choice Pkg, 185+ channels.  Today, someone at DISH gave me a quote to reduce my current package, America's Top 120, to the Flex Pack with add-ons.  So, with the prices rising today at DISH, it would be $14.00 savings for 126 less channels.


While I understand you need to make a profit, TV has been overcharged for many years.  We could see this as soon as C-band was squeezed out, and our costs rose immediatley.  Our old satellite man talked about the changes made by FCC Chairman Michael Powell.  Owners such as Charlie Ergen is on the Forbes 'Billionaires 2019' list with $10.3 billion. 


TV is too expensive, especially for older folks.  And, apparently, DISH does not value longterm customers.

Re: Dish raising prices

DISH Employee

We are always happy to take a closer look into your account to review available options. So we can take a closer look into this with you, send us a private message with your phone number and 4-digit security code associated with your DISH account. 


The steps to send a private message are: 

1. Select the envelope in the top right corner of the page (it will be next to your avatar).

2. Once on the 'Private Messages' page, select 'New Message'.

3. In the 'Send To' field, type in the name of the user you would like to send a private message to.  Once you start typing a name, suggestions will auto populate.

4.  Once you compose your message, select 'Send Message' at the bottom of the page.