Dish Network Definately Going Downhill

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Dish Network Definately Going Downhill

Camera Crew

Dish is definately going downhill! Just look at the guide to see there SEEMS TO BE ABSOLUTELY NO QUALITY CONTROL OR CUSTOMER CONSIDERATION! PIXL keeps showing "Napily Ever After" when THAT MOVIE NEVER PLAYED on the channel. Completely off base. A "Gunsmoke" episode viewed today (June 14) said "Miss Kitty is shot by dog  soldiers" when "Matt" is held hostage and nothing every happened to Miss Kitty. The Guide said the episode was 1972 however the episode was 1965 (read the roman numerals). Episodes keep showing "New" for the episode even though it plays over and over. Trying to record "new" episodes becomes very frustrating because the same episode plays again and again. Whoever is in charge of the "guide" keeps trying to use advanced language but it just looks like they are using a thesaurus thus making them look even more stupid. If Dish can't get simple quality control on the guide then what else is not receiving enough attention at Dish Network. Channels being dropped such as the "GO" channels and premium channels being dropped like HBO. It appears the executives are more concerned about their paychecks than giving good customer relations and support. RIDICULOUS!!! After some 20 years as a subscriber we are VERY ACTIVELY SEEKING OTHER ALTERNATIVES TO DISH NETWORK! Sickening and Ridiculous! Keep customers happy and that keeps stock holders happy which in turn should keep the ignorant executives happy. Bottom line, THEIR PAYCHECKS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE TO THE EXECUTIVES!!

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Re: Dish Network Definately Going Downhill

Screen Writer
Guide data comes from the channel owners to a supplier, who then sells it to all of the providers.

Re: Dish Network Definately Going Downhill

Audio Engineer

The Only concern I see them having, is how to keep us quite. 

Not interested in any problems or concerns. At this point, no matter how many years you have been with them ( 19 for me)

they are more than happy to see you go.

The guide data is edited by dish at some point. I know people who have Direct and Comcast, and they have nothing like the snarky, bad information that is in the guide now.

Re: Dish Network Definately Going Downhill

Casting Director

NLike Chad said, it's not the fault of Dish - your complaint is with the channel owners that provide the information about their schedule to the service that Dish subscribes to.  Dish has no way to know if the channel makes changes at the last minute.  I agree that the service used often has errors - it's been complained about for years - but there are only a few companies that provide guide data.