Defective 50.0 remote

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Defective 50.0 remote


Have a defective 50.0 remote. Small metal clip falls out of battery compartment when back is removed. I pay monthly payments which I having rarely ever used for extra equipment protection. I am a 20+ yr customer sticking with Dish even after losing HBO and whatever. Support refusing to replace remote. Purchased these “upgraded” remotes. Tech told me recently these remotes were made unavailable almost as soon as they came out. Told support what tech said and they said would send a report on that tech to office for telling us that. Still not offering to replace “damaged” remote which I did not damage. I told support to also send a report to office that Dish is losing 2-3 accounts over a cheap remote as well. Very unhappy with this support encounter. 


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Re: Defective 50.0 remote

DISH Employee

Hello Axeman333. This is definitely not the experience we want any of our members to have with us when reaching out for support. If something part of the remote is defective or malfunctioning, we would definitely want to get it replaced. Could you send with a Private Message with your phone number and 4-digit PIN please? If you're not sure how to do that, we have a great guide right here: