DVR recordings screen displays word "new"

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DVR recordings screen displays word "new"


On my Hopper DVR recordings screen, it lists the series' I record, for instance Hawaii 5 - 0.

On the top left corner(I think) is the word "New" in red which I take it to mean that there

is a new recording.


When I select that icon, it then shows me the episodes I have recorded to watch.  After I watch the

new recording, why doesn't the word "New" disappear from the DVR recordings screen with regard

to Hawaii 5 - 0 ?


So what causes the word "new" to appear on the DVR recordings screen over a given series and how

can I get rid of it so I know that I have watched all of the eps recorded?  (don't want to delete after watching)



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Re: DVR recordings screen displays word "new"

Visual Engineer

It's not a new recording... it's a new episode. After you watched ALL the new episodes, the new should disappear.


If you are saving all the recordings, you should see a green line under the watch column after you select the show or 0% if you haven't watched.

Re: DVR recordings screen displays word "new"

Visual Engineer

Correction - the new does not disappear after watching all episodes. You have to select the show and rely on the watched bar. This is something Dish should probably fix.

Re: DVR recordings screen displays word "new"

DISH Employee

Good afternoon. Thank you for reaching out to us with your issue. I am also having the exact same issue on one of the series that I record. I'd be pleased to get your account information and get this issue forwarded over to our Engineering Team. May you please provide me with your phone number, and security pin in a private message so that I may access your account?