Contacting Dish Employees on forum

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Contacting Dish Employees on forum


How does one go about finding and contacting Dish employees on this forum ?


The old forum was much more customer user friendly  IMO.


I was usually able to contact a Dish employee via a forum message and get my issues addressed.

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Re: Contacting Dish Employees on forum

Community Manager
Community Manager

We appreciate the feedback! Our new forums are designed for more peer to peer interaction, this way you can get the answers you need from the community and not have to wait on an agent to be able to respond to your messages. 


You can use the search bar to find issues like yours and get answers quickly! Additionally, most account changes can be made online on MyDISH or through the MyDISH app. 


We also recommend posting any issues to it's appropriate board, so you can receive answers from the Community and create a resource for other customers who may experience your issue in the future. 


If you'd like to provide specific site feedback, we recommend posting it in our Suggestions Board in the Other Category. 


If you're not able to find answers for your issues, and need to contact an agent for reasons not covered here, you can click the mail icon on the top right corner to open the Private Messenger and click on New Message. Type the name of the employee you would like to speak to and type out your response. 


It's recommended that you PM an agent only after you're unable to find your solution in the forum. 


For more info on how to use the site, you can check out our Help page.