Complete Signal Loss

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Complete Signal Loss

For the past week , I have all my local channels but every other channel above 100 has complete signal loss Signal code 11-12-11. Have unplugged and checked all connections.
Any ideas
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Re: Complete Signal Loss

DISH Employee

Hello Jw1354. With that specific signal code, it does point to an issue either with the installation or the alignment of the antenna that is causing the signal loss that may require a technician to physically inspect everything. The main things that we would be able to look for before that is to make sure that the antenna outside or your receivers inside have not been moved recently and that there is nothing physically blocking the signal from the antenna, such as tree branches, strong storms, or a bird's nest. If none of these match your situation, we may need to set up an appointment. If that is the case, go ahead and send us a Private Message so we can look into do that for you.