Audio intermittent (whole program), Netflix bad connection

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Audio intermittent (whole program), Netflix bad connection


I have a hopper and joey. Just TV, and hopper, one version down. HDMI connection. Internet is wireless.



Any DISH program may have no sound. Change to a channel that does have sound and switch back it MAY now have sound. Occurs on Netflix. Not sure about DVR. Some times only way to get it back is to reset hopper.



On occasion, netflix will say 'must have internet connection'. Takes forever to reenter key and attempt to restart. Some times takes many retries. Simpler to reboot hopper. Some times when attempting to get netflix, it will jumpt back to the tv and we have to try to connect again. What is that?


No help from support, just the same old script. As far as I can tell, hopper is the problem.

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Re: Audio intermittent (whole program), Netflix bad connection

DISH Employee

Hey MattGinAZ, in regards to the audio issue you may want to check the following:

-all wiring is hand tight

-check if this happens on other inputs.


For the Netflix issue, I recommend running a connection test on the Hopper. 

1. Press the Home button three times

2. Select Status

3. Select Send Status

4. Select Test Connections