2011 RV Hopper Install

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2011 RV Hopper Install


I switched from DirecTV to Dish.  I had planned on installing a receiver in my 2011 Tiffin Phaeton.  The DirecTV connection to the TVs in my RV was a Component network, i.e., there are four RCA connectors that run the 4 TVs on the RV.  I received my received my new Wally receiver today and it has no RCA connectors.  Does that mean I have to rewire my coach for HDMI?  

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Re: 2011 RV Hopper Install

Audio Engineer



You could try an HDMI to RCA adapter.  You will have some degradation in quality, because you are sending a higher quality signal through a lower quality protocol.  It certainly sounds easier to try an adapter before rewiring.


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