taking away the fox channels

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taking away the fox channels


you took FOXSW off the air without any reduction in fees and now you have taken fox 4 off and there has not been any reduction in fees charged . when are you going to adjust ?  

Please advise






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Re: taking away the fox channels

Character Actor

Time to call your congressman and senator, or the FCC.  If they reduce service, they MUST be required to reduce cost.  Taking our Fox channels away is a windfall for DISH.  I just started with DISH a few months ago.  This is a breach of contract, and I should be able to leave them without penalty now.

Re: taking away the fox channels

Costume Designer

I'm cross posting this on every thread I can find. I'm as upset at a service provider as I've ever been. I spoke with some dumbass named Ashley on chat that kept giving me the price of an OTA adapter, me telling her I did not want to pay for it. I have a perfectly functioning OTA antenna for weather issues. I just can't DVR with it. Dish Network is about the most worthless service provider I've seen. Maybe I'm the dumbass. I've stuck it out with them for 20 years.