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dish thinks because thay give you a five dollar rebate for a contract dispute with fox is good enough to keep customer quite,please contact the FCC,or your congressman and keep complaining,this is really racketering and should be against the law,I guess Dish is above the law.a one time rebate 5.00 dollars I lost my fox sports channels in the middle of the summer and if I would have not called to complain I'm wondering would I have got the the rebate. 5.00 off is not enough.Dish your crooks.and you tie your customers up with two year contracts that also should be against the law.

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It’s not illegal because you don’t pay on a per channel basis, and it is also expressly covered in your agreement. There is nothing the FCC can officially do, as all of this is not only within the FCCs rules and policies, but because the agreement is binding. It is really that simple.

$5 is $5 more than you agreed to. For your own review, you can check out