World Fishing Network (WFN)

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World Fishing Network (WFN)

Character Actor

World Fishing Network (WFN) is available on AT120 but not AT200 or AT250.  That isn't right.  A lower priced package shouldn't have a channel that's not included in the higher priced ones.


DISH: please add WFN to all the higher priced packages.


Please don't suggest I add the Outdoor Pack.  That's missing my point that a channel shouldn't be in a lower priced package but not in the higher priced ones.



Mark P.

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Re: World Fishing Network (WFN)

Supporting Role
Channels are arranged in packages contractually by the channel owners. Not the providers.

Re: World Fishing Network (WFN)

DISH Employee

Hi, mtperrey! We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions! I get where you are coming from. I will forward this suggestion to our Programming Team!