Programming on local channels is incorrect

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Programming on local channels is incorrect


For a few months local programming for CBS, NBC, FOX etc has been having multiple errors daily.  I.e., in the New Orleans area (CST) Live with Kelly and Ryan (CBS) at 9am does not come on WWLTV ch4. It is on FOX WVUE ch8 at 11am. There is a variety show on at 9am for months.  Sometimes Dish gets it right, a week later its wrong again.  The Dr OZ show is no longer at 10am on WUPL but 2pm WUPL ch54.


In addition, daytime and evening shows are starting to show generalized descriptions about a show such as “a show centered around everyday stories in the news.”  What happened to the Dish network that we are having to guess what’s coming on a show.  Is the the type of programming we are suppose to refer our “friends” to?  Some of your programs like Dateline or 48 Hrs are showing “ne” with dates like 1982.  Really?


There are many more but it is too exhausting to name.  If Dishis goingto produce less we should be paying less. 


I’m “sure “  I am not the only one with these issues but I hope Dish realizes it affects people trying to record and how this will affect show ratings.

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Re: Programming on local channels is incorrect

Screen Writer
Guide data comes from the channel owners. It is sent to a 3rd party company that provides it to providers such as Dish Network. Providers do not write the guide data.