Paid for Locals but keep cutting them?

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Paid for Locals but keep cutting them?

Been with Dish for a year and they have cut 3 local stations. Two of them which were important for my grandparents because its Spanish station, were cut within 4 months of being with dish. Now CBS before Superbowl!!! I've never had this problem with comcast. I GUESS I WILL BE SWITCHING BACK ONCE MY NEXT YEAR IS UP.
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Re: Paid for Locals but keep cutting them?

DISH Employee

Hello, I certainly understand your concern regarding your channels. We fight for our customers by negotiating with channel owners to keep your prices low. Sometimes, this leads to temporary loss of channels while we push for fair pricing. We have hundreds of programming agreements that we renew each year with no channel loss. We have to balance providing consistent programming with charging a fair price. Channel owners raising their rates to satellite and cable companies is an industry-wide issue.


We would hate to lose you as a valued DISH customer. Can you please send me a private message with your phone number and 4 digit security code so I can check for an update in your location and see what options are available?