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NW Kansas no ABC


I’m going on near a year with no ABC.. at what point will DISH bring my local channel back? I don’t care if I have to pay 5 more dollars for my local channel to have all my channels. I don’t understand why every other TV service gets ABC but dish is doing it for the “better of our customers” over a contract.

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Re: NW Kansas no ABC

DISH Employee

White, I can definitely understand your frustration with the negotiation process. We have been unable to reach an agreement with the channel owner. They are making unreasonable demands for the carriage of their channels. DISH offered to extend the contract so viewers wouldn't be impacted but they refused. 


You may be willing to pay more, many others are counting on us to hold the line. This agreement could affect future agreements for other channel owners. We know how much this impacts you and your family, and we absolutely thank you for your patience during this time.