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I spoke with a DISH representative yesterday to complain about the exit of Japan TV and the poor decision of DISH to replace Japan TV with an overload of anime and old reruns of non-essential programming. I was told that by the end of yesterday (5/7/18), new programming would be made available that would closely mimic the original Japan TV lineup (no more NHK news but it would be replaced by something called TBS news, documentaries, etc). As of last night, this was NOT the case. I am not home at the moment to check this but was wondering if anyone has noticed a change today? I looked up programming today online and it is still showing the poor excuse for programming replacement that has been there for the past month or so. The ONLY reason we got DISH in the first place was for the Japan TV programming that was originally in place (specifically NHK news). I get all of my other cable needs from XFINITY and never intended to switch fully to DISH since they do not offer bundled packages for internet, home phone and mobile phone... This is extremely disappointing.

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I share your thoughts and feelings too regarding the removal of TV Japan.  There is little change from what I've seen since yesterday.  DISH did put a program update note on their menu on channel 9982 that additional programming would be added to Family Gekijyo beginning on May 7th.  The only change I've seen is TBS news (15 minutes) and some cooking show (15 minutes).  There is also JNN news and I think this is only 15 minutes.  The remaining shows are the same cartoons from the 70s.  This new programming is a poor substitution for TV Japan. 


I am very disappointed with the way DISH management failed to notify their customers of the change to stop carrying TV Japan.  We found out thru a newsletter that we received from TV Japan in March.  When we received this I starting making inquiries with DISH customer service representative.  As much as they tried to help, they couldn't because DISH management failed to notify them that TV Japan was going to be discontinued.  As I continued with my inquiries I finally did receive an email from a DISH representative that asked me to forward the information I received from TV Japan to him so he could look at it.


My understanding is TV Japan no longer wanted to continue its working relationship with DISH, for reasons I have yet to find out.  I suspect that DISH did not want to pay higher rates to TV Japan.  However, for those who want to watch TV Japan it is available thru Direct TV.  A friend of mine dropped DISH and switched to Direct TV for the sole purpose of being able to watch TV Japan.


I too and very frustrated with the way DISH handled this and then try and former TV Japan customers happy with the Family Geijko tv.  Obviously they have not watched the contents of this replacement programming.  Who wants to watch 70s era cartoons?? 


Another frustration is when I look at the menu to see what shows are being shown at different times during the day, all it shows is FAMILY GEIJKYO  all day.  There is no way to tell what show is being shown when. 



Re: Japanese programming


I share your frustration. Family Gekiiyo is a JOKE!!!!! i am switching to Direct TV...